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Older and wiser but still a man


Huddersfield, United Kingdom

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About me

I'm probably too old to be doing this but as I'm still fit and healthy as well as active, so I will give it ago. My ex gf was from the Philippines though we met in China. I thought we had a good relationship but we obviously didn't because after 3 years she left me for a younger man. I enjoy the natural world, the fields, trees, sea, mountains and wildlife. Covid has taught me the importance of many of the wonderful things we take for granted in life. The pandemic also cost me my job, which was devastating at first but although I no longer have a good income I'm rich in that I can now see what is important in live. I'm a very tactile person, I love the simple things in a relationship, holding hands, kisses and cuddles but I do still enjoy a healthy physical relationship. I won't bore you with any more but if you don't mind a relationship with an ancient wreck ,feel free to give me a call. P.S. You also need to know that I'm not looking for instant marriage, I'm separated but not divorced.

About you

I'd like a younger woman, probably in their 30's though as long as we have the right feelings I don't really mind, though I'm not looking for a young girl. I would like someone who is physically active and shares the same interests as me. Someone how is daring, adventurous and tactile. The lady obviously has to accept me for who and what I am, an older guy who likes a woman that can excite and stimulate a man, even by just saying the right things. I appreciate it might be difficult with me being older. Unfortunately, because of the continuing pandemic I won't be able to travel for a while therefore communication will have to be over the internet /wifi. Long distance relationships aren't ideal but that's the world we live in at the moment. Before my ex gf left we shared a good and exciting relationship, or so I thought, for nearly a year while I was away. We both need to accept the situation until travel for all becomes possible again. I guess you have to be brave to take me on - lol

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