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Sheffield, United Kingdom

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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I have a strong and caring personality. Do what is right even if it does not feel good. I here for a wife which will give me children. being a strong personality I am protective of people around me.

About you

Effort is more ten skill, and while I can accept many disabilities, cant accept aggression or laziness. Follower rather then leader. Simple girl who wants to be a wife and a mother. Simple girl who needs mine protection. the more you need me the better. If you are a feminist, let me know so that I will stop contacting you... Transgenders, Gays or infertile only for friendship and only in life not on dating. While I wish disadvantaged people good luck and even had helped some, I am not capable of relationship with a transgender (still better then a feminist though) and I am not here for friends

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