Sorry this profile is closed...

What do you mean this profile is "closed"?

This means the profile is not active. It is not possible to view or send messages to the owner of this profile.

Why is this profile closed?

This could have been done by the owner of the profile. If the owner has de-activated their profile and it remains inactive for a period of time then it is permanently closed.

It also may have been closed by us. If it was closed by us the most common reasons are:

  • Asking for money
  • Offering to send money
  • Asking or offering prostitution services
  • Behaving rudely towards other members
  • Using profanities, dirty or offensive language
  • Creating more than one profile
  • Uploading inappropriate or fake photos to your profile
  • Uploading photos that contain any children
  • Spamming the same message to many members
  • Advertising or linking to other websites
  • Discriminating other members for their gender / sexual orientation or culture
  • Violating out terms in any way

How do you know a profile should be closed?

Every profile has a "Report Member" link. Any member can report a profile to us. All reports are looked at by a real person to determine if a profile should be closed.

I am worried, can my profile be closed?

Yes. However do not worry just show common respect and courtesy to other members and follow the rules. We are not out to get you, we just want to make this a safe and happy place for everybody.

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